Explaining the horrors of the world to my kids

5 ways to deal with Father’s Day when you don’t feel like celebrating

Father's day - a time of great celebration for some, and a time of great sadness and loneliness for others....
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You would have been 3 today
My daughter may be on Eskoms payroll…
The Imposter Monster Stole My Blog

To the people who stole our car:

To the people who stole our car: On Saturday we became statistics. This car was our first real purchase, it...
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Barbie in the year 2018

Mattel has just released their new range of Barbie and friends. This is by far their most diverse range representing...
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How I really feel about using the “M & F ” words around kids

A dad’s legacy

It's amazing how a dad shapes your life. They teach little girls how woman should be treated via their actions...
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5 life skills kids learn through travelling

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