Letter to my first born: Embracing change and a little brother

Dear Rachy,

Congratulations my baby, soon you will be a big sister!!! November means a little brother and I know you are a little nervous about what that means. Don’t worry my love, this change means gains – no losses. And life shows us that change is constant, change is ever-present and the way we deal with it shapes who we choose to be.

Four years have passed since you were gifted to us and wow, what a journey! Remember, mummy and daddy were pirates (well kind of!) and had no idea about what to expect from “land life” and from parenthood. Honestly we were scared to death – and sometimes still are.

You were teeny tiny when we first met and I remember just staring at you – examining your perfect heart-shaped month, your tiny fingers, little belly button and all the way down to your adorable chubby toes.

Daddy Dearest said it best when he called you “pure joy” because that’s really what you were –  and what you are. We celebrated every development with vigour and we really took badly to you hurting yourself or being hurt. I have never seen daddy hit so many “naughty toys” before, and he smiled from ear to ear hearing your giggles.

I’ve watched you grow and soar. From hidden smiles to full on rants, from butterfly kisses to stolen midnight hugs. You are just amazing!

I still can’t believe we got this chance to be part of a miracle at work and everytime I hold you near I pray that you know how much we love you.

I have to aplogise for sometimes holding you just that bit tighter, for kissing you 100 times every night as you squirm away, for crying when you doing something cute and for being terrified of you growing up too fast!

To tiaras and tutus from diapers and drool. You conquered our hearts with one look. I can’t explain your daddy’s smile and pride as he holds you gently.

We sit and chat about how our  baby girl is growing. From “mummy help” to “mummy no”, from “mummy please” to I “told you so”. Where did the time go pup?

My stubborn streak is there for sure, combined with the beauty and grace of a queen. You talk with the wisdom of an old, pure heart and I never want you to lose that innocence.

As you embark on this new journey of being a big sister, remember always that you are loved, you are valued and you are amazing!

We have shared so many “firsts” with you, and I am so excited that you get to celebrate these “firsts” with your baby brother. The bond you will share will be like no other, sibling love is absolute. Mummy and daddy will always be your soft place to land, always in your corner cheering you on. You now have another person to love you, who you can love in return.

Here’s to more memories.

Love you pup,

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