Delivering baby #2: What’s missing from your hospital bag?

Dear Rachy,

Even though it is my second time around, packing a bag for the hospital visit – and Baby  Bump’s delivery in 9 days – is daunting. There are too many lists out there that are way too long, and honestly all I wanted was a simple list of what I could definitely NOT leave out. 

So, in order to help other mummy’s out there,   here’s my list of 5 items that you absolutely need. 

For baby

3-4 baby grows (onesies) – preferably long sleeved as baby cannot regulate his/her temperature  

3- 4 receiving blankets – these are used to swaddle your new bundle of joy but also serves as a barrier between visiting eager hands and baby 

(Hot tip: You will be in hospital  overnight and will have hubby or family or friends drop by, so if you do forget something or do not have enough of something, just  get them to wash and bring along the next day!)

Diapers: A pack of 24 newborn or number 1 (depending on baby’s birth weight)

3 pairs of Hats and booties: again for regulation 

3-4 towels (the baby hooded towels are overpriced and not as absorbant as I would like, prefer the less expensive, super fluffy regular towels in the “hand towel” size)

Most hospitals provide a complimentary diaper bag. If yours does not, also include the below.

(Hot tip: Buy them in the months leading up to your due date. You won’t notice the costs and they do not expire)

For baby toiletries I highly recommend the Baby things range from Dischem. Most products are priced from R14 – R50 and it is great quality. For current specials, click here.

Bum creme 


2 in 1 baby soap and hair wash

Baby cream 

Surgical spirits and cotton wool/cotton buds

For mummy

Light, flow clothing (button down tops or dresses if you intend to breast feed) – no need to go out and buy new pyjamas if you are not the pyjama type

Maternity pads and breast pads 

Baby powder as opposed to strong perfume or body sprays (baby loves the smell of you!)

Soap, toothbrush and toothpaste along with a face cloth or loofer  (just take supplies from home)

Lipgloss or eyeliner or whatever makes you feel awesome….there will be lots of people taking your photos

I have also chosen to use 2 existing bags for Baby Bump and I and simply washed them with baby friendly  washing powder.  Found these at Dischem at a great price!

Chances are (when you become a mummy) you will unpack and repack 100 times like I am doing. I am re-washing everything tomorrow AGAIN but that’s the joys of the last few days before giving birth.
This experience  brings back amazing memories of when we counted down the days for you too, Pup. The overwhelming difference is that where there once was a sea of pink – everything is now blue!

Mummy loves you!

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