Upcycling with a princess – Christmas Decorations

Dear Rach,

You LOVE your arts and crafts. You are now 4 (turning 5 in Jan) and there is always an item in the house that is either covered in glitter or glitter glue and most plastic bottles are emptied in the garden and transformed into bird feeders or spaceships before I even have a chance to suggest it.

You have an amazing imagination and a storytelling ability that rivals any person (let alone child) I have ever met.

With all the upcoming changes looming I though it would be fun to focus on Christmas and start making some decorations – just  the 2 of us. I was surprised that my usual step by step approach did not work anymore.

You asked to see the final product, gathered the supplies and went about creating – delegating certain tasks (mostly cutting) to me. As usual you amazed me with your maturity and ability to explain your actions. Sigh, you are PURE JOY my baby just like Daddy Dearest always says!

So, let’s do this your way:

Our inspiration: (Original ideas credited to Crafty Morning.com)

The Process:

Final products (with Rach’s artistic changes)

Oh Pup,  words cannot explain how it feels to trace and cut out your handprints, and see the difference  over the years. You are still so little and yet mummy knows you have grown so much. 

My favourite part is staring at you as you stick out that little tongue in concentration, and when you look at me with those big brown eyes when you misplace a colour you absolutely must have.

You make my heart explode with love my baby girl.

Love you!


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