What they don’t tell you about the last week of your pregnancy 

Dear Pup,

So Baby Bump is making his grand entrance on Monday and we are all so excited about this – none more than you!

You made your entrance quite dramatically too…you were eager to see mummy and daddy so you arrived 4 weeks earlier. There was no time to panic or overthink or worry if I had enough baby towels. All I cared about was making sure you entered the world safely and surrounded by love.

This time around I’m 38 weeks and 4 days and due in 4 days. The last few weeks of pregnancy has been perplexing and as I am experiencing  them for the first time, I wanted you to know what to expect.

1) The various  pains

From Braxton Hicks to bruised ribs – mummy has had them all and these last few weeks, the pain has definitely reached epic heights. Other relatively “new” discomforts include swollen feet, leg pains, lower back pains, round ligament pains, and the like. Baby Bump is active and tall and on the larger side so with the pain came some amazing gymnastic style movement too (which was very cool to feel and see)! The pain pills do little to help (and mummy hates meds anyways) but you learn to live with the constant pulling and throbbing and stabbing.

2) The Emotions

I hope you are surrounded by people who love you when your  time comes- I will be there, my angel. People who understand that after 9.5 months of trying to be calm and collected, the tendency at the end is to be emotional – happy and anxious and scared all at once.  What is needed is just understanding and a constant supply of ice cream or chocolate. Forgive yourself when you are a bit snappy or sappy – it’s ok, and will soon be over! It’s also normal to be completely sure of everything one moment and a blubbering wreck the next….this too will pass. 

3) The fatigue 

It’s a tiredness like no other and as you know mummy has allowed you more cartoon time than usual (feel very guilty) these past few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s because I know what’s to come (sleepless nights) or if it’s the end of year dip but mummy has been exhausted. Despite the tiredness I can’t relax….so the cycle continues. There is NO comfortable position at 38 weeks so you basically stay up until you are too tried to care about comfort.

4) You can’t stay asleep

Bathroom breaks, baby bump moving, preggo pillow falling off the bed and of course the need to burp makes sleeping through the night impossible. Take the time to daydream, check your Facebook or search for fun blogs to follow. No point in being awaken and miserable!

5) The heartburn, gas and nausea returns

So for some of us the dreaded H,G & N returns – making eating a chore and a pain. Don’t stress about things you cannot control, eat what you can when you can. What worked for mummy was eliminating bread….swapped that for baked potatoe or rice or ice cream instead. The gas is – well – horrible, but again, it’s natural and unavoidable. 

6) Clothing is optional (at home)

It’s hot (even if it’s cold) and everything sticks to your tummy. You feel itchy and sore and basically want to walk around with as little.one as possible. Do just that….stay comfortable. Live in leggings and shapeless dresses…..no judgment (or body shapers) allowed! 

7) Insecurities 

For some reason this  week is the week that it hit home that I won’t be paid in full (over even close) for  the next few months, that my mum disappointed he again,that I will need to balance time with Baby Bump but make sure you know how amazingly important and loved you are. I wonder if I’ll be a good “boy’s” mum, if I’ll be in pain after the additional procedure, if Baby Bumo is moving enough or too much! Basically this week everything fell apart and then came back together.

All in all thesp last few weeks have been exhausting and exhilarating. The best part was seeing the excitement in your eyes!

4 sleeps till your brother arrives, my love. I have no doubt he is the luckiest boy ever to have you as his big sister.

Till then please bear with mummy!

Love you!


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This is so cute 🙂 Strongs mama


Thank you!!!!


This is so cute 🙂 Strongs mama


Thank you!!!!