Easy DIY: Reindeer Lollipops (Classroom treats)

Dear Pup,

Wow my princess! It’s your last 2 days of “small school”. In a few weeks you start Grade R. I cannot believe how time flies!

To make your last day special we made these cute happy reindeer to wish your friends a very Merry Christmas and also to end this era with a huge smile!

You had fun making them and Mummy had fun watching you. 

What you will need. Works well with cardboard too but we used brown wrapping paper.

Mummy drew the reindeer template.

And cut out the reindeer heads.

You covered the box that we will be standing them up in. 

Then we stick, decorate and stack!

They are super cute…but not as cute as you!!!

Love you!!!


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Lindsay Nell

I love this! It’s so simple and creative. Thank you for sharing <3


Glad you enjoyed it! Love your blog too…just followed!

Lindsay Nell

I just saw that. Thank you so much for following my blog. Happy Holidays to you and your family <3


Same to you!

Emily Bendler

This Ian such a cute idea. Perfect for bringing to school!!