Proudly a Bennetts baby – Awesome range for every need

Dear Pup, 

Part of mummy hood is deciding what baby products to use. For you it was a little easier as mummy pretty much did what granny wanted (hee hee) but this time around with Baby Bump (and granny far away) mummy decided to research.

I start where I always do….the Bum Cream. …probably the most important cream ever for a baby or child in diapers. No one can really compete with Bennetts so I decided to look into their product range. 

All I can say is wow! Bennetts has an amazing range: from their the Bath drops and massage oil to their Aqueous Cream and even their saline drops (love the nasal aspirator it comes with), Bennetts offers head to toe care for baby. You and I tried them out before Baby Bump was born and with your stamp of approval we decided to go full steam ahead with their range.

I cannot say enough about the quality and quantity. Their creams are super creamy and a little goes a long way. I especially love their Bum Cream that now comes in a convenient tube so that its now a lighter component to the already bulging diaper bag.

Love love love!!!



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