Barbie in the year 2018

Mattel has just released their new range of Barbie and friends. This is by far their most diverse range representing fuller figures, ethnic hair and features and more realistic skin hues.

Surprisingly when I asked Rach which one she wanted she did not choose the doll that looked just like her, and she had a pretty good reason for it too. See according to this very clever 6 year old the new doll is going to be her companion, her side kick through the upcoming adventures that await. So, understandably she chose the doll that best represented her best friend at school – who happens to look exactly like one of the new dolls, but completely unlike Rach.

Now Rach is extremely confident and she is aware that people come in different sizes and colours. Choosing a doll that does not look like her does not reflect self loathing, nor does it point to her being brainwashed due to being bombarded with the media’s opinion of beauty. She has dolls that look like her, and dolls that do not and her choices simply range depending on the adventure and the day.

Another new kid on the block is he Robotics Engineer Barbie which Rach really really wants! It’s so amazing to see how Mattel has aligned with the trends and interests as the years have flown by. The future is now and Barbie is on track!

I cannot wait to see what they come up with next! With Christmas around the corner I hope I find this Robotics Engineer Barbie soon!

Well done Mattel!


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