To the people who stole our car:

On Saturday we became statistics.
This car was our first real purchase, it represented our new start as a family.

My daughter was taken to all her firsts in this car, my son was brought home from the hospital in it. This car took us to church, to picnics, to birthday parties and even though we didn’t have the money to take holidays, this car made it possible to have experiences.

This car represented safety and consistency in our lives. Every little crumb and smear holds a treasured memory filled with giggles and pure joy.

This car was my sanctuary, the place where I allowed myself to cry, where I laughed out loud, where my make up went on so I could face the day ahead. Shoes line the boot, heels for me, tiny slippers for the kids, so we would be ready for any exciting moments.

When people hear what happend they say “It’s just a car”, they say “Be grateful” and yes, it is and I am but they forget what was actually taken. They don’t see as my little girl clings to me as she has her third nightmare about someone stealing her brother from the car you took. They aren’t here as my son shivers as his fever flares again. They dont see my husband’s eyes filled with worry even though he’s trying hard to stay positive. They are quick to advise me to do what I need to for my family, oblivious to how clueless we are when it comes to this type of pointless crime. We will never again feel safe, every sound now makes us jump just a little and its finally happened – I have started to regret coming back here. I hide the tears in the dark as my daughter holds me tight and I mourn the loss of her innocent outlook on life. I find myself filled with sadness that we have reached the point where this is “just another case” , and where words on a screen are more common than caring soothing voices . And then it hits me, it is better to have had and lost, than never to have had at all. At least, just for a moment in time, we experienced life without fear.

We will probably not be able to afford another car for you to take in the immediate future, so I sincerely hope that the car you did take brings you as much joy as it has us.

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